There But For The Grace of God Go I

“… arrived at a point in your life where… “


On my first visit to Hawaiʻi I remember being astonished by the sight of homeless people in Kapiʻolani Park.  The presence around them of shopping carts filled with sundry items, suitcases by “their” tree and makeshift tents made it clear that they were not simply visiting the park for the day but that they actually lived in it.  CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEI suppose that I was naïve in thinking that in Paradise all is Paradise-like!  Some of the homeless are the worst possible advocates for their way of life with extreme dirtiness, the irresponsible way in which they treat their environment (which actually is not “theirs” but the public’s) and their general disregard for the social rules by which the rest of us live.  So it is easy for us to look at them and assume that they deserve the misery of their choices.

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEHow about the choices that many…

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