Something Has to Change!

“…we often want them to be different in the same old way!”


Many people seek out patterns which help to orient themselves. On Monday they do the laundry, on Tuesday they do the banking, etc.  There is a measure of comfort in things remaining as they have been even if they’re not so great.  However, when we always know what to expect then a part of us goes away.  For many people the new idea comes when they wake up and say, “You know, this just isn’t working.”  It could be about a relationship or one’s job, the apartment, the car or whatever.  In this moment something registers deeply that the individual has resisted recognizing… something has to change!

The funny thing about change is that while we want things to be different we often want them to be different in the same old wayThe older we become the more we resist change.  When I was around 16 years…

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