The Worst Possible Advertisement

Is it any wonder some people reject all teachings from the past?


We live in a time when making a spectacle out of our belief in the Divine is the norm!  All too often at the heart of our protestation about others and their way of living is our dislike for others!  Sexual orientation, race, style of clothing, choice of music, religious affiliation are all fodder for our public outrage!  What is one to make of such insanity on behalf of the Divine?  As a result of violently clashing opinions some have come to reject any form of revealed truth from the past.  Yet not having discovered an absolute truth in their own lives they have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as truth and that everything is therefore relative.  In doing so they are condemned to a diet of impoverished meaningless.  Meanwhile the “faithful” sit on the sidelines, content the wicked are getting their due.

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