Make ME The Focus

We can understand others the most when we are not being driven to possess them like a commodity or to use them to meet our needs.


CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEA professor in our seminary in Yonkers, NY was once asked in class by a student if such-and-such was either true or untrue.  His answer was, “Well, we can say that it is… and it isn’t!”  For a person yearning and needing absolute certainty such an answer can be confounding, like a Western equivalent to “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”  A manifestation of spiritual, emotional, and psychological immaturity is thinking in terms of black and white, in either/or categories.  In our relationships with others this manifests itself by our inability to forgive others when they make a mistake or a bad choice.  This immature mindset can also play itself out in our relationship with the Divine.

A Westernized, non-Hawaiian way of thinking presumes that the pursuit of a serious relationship with the Divine requires a withdrawal from people.  This approach views contact with…

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