Striving to Keep Out What Frightens Us

we can stretch the boundaries of our comfort zone.


Recently I made a trip to New York City.  The weather was so perfect that I just couldn’t stand being inside so I walked down Fifth Avenue until I came to Central Park where I veered off into the park.  After an hour of walking I bought a cup of chocolate custard, found a rock, sat and watched people while eating my custard.  A guy came along and I watched as he slowly circled an empty bench going around it five times.  This seemed so strange to me that I could no longer look away, wondering what he was up to.  Finally he stopped, took out a rag from his pocket and wiped down the whole bench.  He then took a large plastic bag out of his pocket, spread it out on the bench and finally sat down.  After a minute a look of consternation spread across his face! …

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