The Desire to Hide

“… to face our fear by degrees.”


All of us at some time in our younger lives have heard a parent yell,  “You’re being punished!  Go to your room!”  It seems to be universal that transgressions carry within them the threat of punishment.  Wikipedia describes Old Hawaii’s Code of Conduct as, “An offense that was kapu was often a corporal offense, but also often denoted a threat to spiritual power, or theft of mana.”  KAPU signViolations of the Kapu System could result in something a bit more severe than just being sent to one’s room! Quite often death was the fruit of transgression!  The natural fear of punishment often causes people to do things in secretThe problem with indulging in secrecy is that it teaches us to hide ourselves away from being known by others.  Secrecy indulged in often enough can harm us in that it teaches us to hide, teaches us to…

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