A Choice Cannot Be Un-made

“…wishing to not have made a choice that we made”


I was watching an episode in the television series “Locked Up Abroad” which featured a young man who assumed that laws do not apply to him!  locked up abroad smallerHe believed that with his charm he could talk himself out of any consequences from transgressing man-made laws.  Until he got caught trying to transport cocaine out of a country which takes a no-nonsense approach to any violations of its laws.  He was sentenced to ten years in one of the country’s most barbaric prisons!  On camera he spoke of how he couldn’t come to terms with the fact that there was no way for him to have his old carefree life back!  He could not accept that he was where he was because of what he had decided to do.  He seemed to think that it was “unfair” that these consequences had flowed from his choice!

mahatma-gandhi-1We’ve all been there… not…

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