We Have To Work At It!



The woman who keeps 300 cats confined in her house.  The guy who keeps smoking meth despite the three major strokes it has inflicted on him.  The woman who buys another ceramic bunny despite the 10,000 already pushing against the ceilings in her tiny house.  There are reasons why we do what we do some of which may not be known to us.  CAT HOARDER 4638189_f520For some people the day comes when they look around themselves and wonder, “How did this happen?  What do I do now?”  While the how may be obscured by layers of unperceived needs the what may be as simple as stopping, like refusing the next toke, refusing to pick up the next  kitten and refusing to buy the next “must have” bunny!  Unfortunately for people thus afflicted that refusal can bring other feelings to the fore which can cause them to become encased…

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