A Heart So Wounded

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Carl Panzram filmWe’ve all had the experience of suddenly letting loose on someone, leaving them and us wondering, “Where the hell did that come from?!”  The heart can be a many-roomed mystery mansion where unresolved issues reside like squatters!  By way of trying to understand we repeatedly revisit some of these issues but is this really helpful?  I was watching a film about someone named Carl Panzram who spent a lifetime burglarizing, raping, murdering and was eventually executed for his efforts!  As the film enumerated his list of atrocities I wondered, “What can create a heart so wounded as to result in a complete lack of fear or respect for God and Man?”  As the film went on it became clear that the abuse he suffered when young and defenseless had grown a rage within him which resulted in his saying on film, “I couldn’t injure those who had injured me

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