Trying To Fool Others

Look to the small and ordinary moments


calvin and hobbs denialThere are so MANY ways to be in denial!  On one TV episode of “Hoarders”even while standing among mountains of items that threatened to topple onto him a man said, “I don’t think we’re hoarders.  We just outgrew the house.”  For the viewer the statement is ludicrous since he is surrounded by the evidence of his illness!  But then again it is so much easier to see another’s illness!  How many of us also delude ourselves by how we talk about things?  Instead of admitting that we lied we say that we simply mis-spoke or “made a mistake”.  Instead of admitting outright we didn’t want to do something we say we forgot.  Instead of admitting that we were wrong we say “It’s not my fault!”     In trying to fool others in the end we fool ourselves which leaves us clueless as to

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