Better Than Expected

Life constantly demands that we choose!


memory loss smallerI know an older woman nearing 90 now whose memory is becoming more unreliable as each year plays itself out.  As she loses control over her memory in dribs and drabs she becomes anxious over things in ways that she never did.  As she gets more anxious she unpredictably flies-off-the-handle and gets mad as hell at the slightest perceived injustice toward her!  Dealing with her is at times like walking through a minefield and never being sure what thing said or done might set her off!  To counter the memory loss she senses is occurring she diligently works on word puzzles trying to strengthen and save what is left.

lowwages smallerAnother friend lost his job at the age of 60.  He spent weeks sending out resumes which resulted in no calls for interviews.  Every time he passed a Burger King, McDonalds or Wal-mart he envisioned himself having to work there…

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