Reach Out And Risk

willpower alone is not the solution!


Being a minister I have witnessed some remarkable graveside expressions of grief.  loudly-grieving smallerOne woman stood there screaming obscenities at her husband’s coffin down in the hole!  Another woman threw herself down into the hole necessitating the assistance of four big men to help haul her out!  A husband stood catatonic throughout the graveside ritual as if grief had robbed him of himself and left only his recognizable body behind.  Grief and grieving have the ability to rob everyday life of its normality as well as giving birth within ourselves to terrible dark feelings which can turn us into someone we no longer recognize!  The day may even come when stunned and disoriented by grief we find ourselves lying face-down in the ditch by the side of Life’s road with no clue how to go on.  What to do?

Loss is loss whether it is because of death or simply because…

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