I’ve GOT to HAVE That!!!

“…developing some way to pause before jumping…”


[Editor Note: we’re exploring a completely different format for this 20-month-long blog!]

The one phrase that everyone associates with Griselda is “It seemed like a good idea at the time!”  She has uttered this explanation in regard to the purchase of a tuba, the sudden termination of a relationship, a move to the West coast, dinner at an Indian restaurant even though she detests anything spicy, taking in 6 cats in one fell swoop, buying a diamond bracelet which caused her to default on that month’s rent, etc.  But she is not alone: How much of the chaos and mayhem in our own lives can be explained through this one phrase?

So why do we make choices that, in the end, turn out to not have been wise ones?  Sometimes it can be due to not having enough life experience yet.  Sometimes it can be poor impulse control.  Sometimes it…

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