Squatters of the Heart

“…doing some things which we find unpleasant…”


[Editor Note: we’re exploring a completely different format for this 20-month-long blog!]

One of the problems connected to the homeless issue in Hawaii is that of “squatting”.  The legal definition for a squatter is: “A person who settles in or occupies property with no legal claim to the property. A squatter is one who resides on a property to which he or she has no title, right or lease.”  How this concept plays out in Hawaii is that homeless stake claim to a stretch of public sidewalk, public beach, or public land, and then act as if they legally own it, even to the point of threatening any who transgress “their” bit of turf.  There have been incidents of homeless even raging at or attacking people walking on the sidewalks as they pass by someone’s tent.

There is a June 2002 article on UPI.com Science News which talks about the…

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