not knowing how to interact with life in a healthy way


I have been particularly struck by a recent television campaign in regard to meth which states: “Meth… not even once!”  This is one particular drug which is vicious in its addictive ability to actually physically re-wire the brain, even after only one use, and to create a self-reinforcing neural network geared towards satisfying its craving for dopamine.  The county in which I live in Georgia is Effingham county, know in the area as Meth-ingham county due to its proliferation of home meth-labs.  Every so often there will a loud BOOM! as yet another home-lab blows, followed by the house shaking and fire-engine sirens wailing down the road.

While meth and other drugs have the chemical ability to become addictive, for many people the real issue is not the substance itself but that person’s relationship to life which drives them to interact with the substance in a destructive way.  Do we…

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