Losing The Map

Why should we even bother trying to know anything that we don’t know?


If we do not know that we “do not know” then we will not seek any further and it is when we are sure that we know that we settle into mediocrity.  When we realize that we do not know something, one of two things can happen: Either we turn away from the mystery of its unknownness, or we seek to find out more about it.  Seeking to find out expands the borders of our life, of our mind, and of our spiritual awareness.  Seeking “to know” works against mediocrity.

In order to understand the Divine some memorize a theology concerning the Divine; this, however, is not the same thing as knowing the Divine.  The words and ideas that describe the Divine are not the Divine and cannot capture the Divine.  Ultimately, only aspects of the Divine can be apprehended, but never Its totality: This is what is meant by…

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