Rapturous Dysfunctionality

“I’ll get to it tomorrow”


An episode of Hoarders featured a very pious woman who fervently believed that the return of Jesus Christ is imminent, along with the Rapture that is supposed to follow that return.  Belief concerning the Rapture is that those who have lived a righteous life will ascend to heaven with Christ, while the un-righteous will be left behind here on earth.  This woman was featured not because of her religious beliefs, but because of her hoarding, hoarding which had filled not just one house but two, each of which was packed to the rafters with clothes, canned and dried food, knickknacks and more.  When the on-camera therapist wondered how the hoarding aligned with her religious beliefs, the woman replied that the items were not for her: She stated, unequivocally, that she would be ascending, and that the “hoard” was for those who would be left behind so that they could have…

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