A Tail, A Leg

happiness is the result of our being honest with ourselves


I was eating my oriental salad in the mall food court. At the next table sat a mother with her two little boys, one obviously a year or two older than the other. The older one grandly announced to the younger, “I’m 10.” With great umbrage the younger boy replied, “No you’re not! You’re 7!” The older one shot back, “It’s my life, I can be 10 if I want!”

This interchange put me in mind of my mother who is 89. For years, whenever someone has asked her how old she is she has replied, “I’m 25!” When someone once countered with, “But you have children older than that!” she replied, “Well, that’s their problem.” The difference between Mom and the child in the mall is that she, and we,knowingly participate in the deception; the child in the mall has actually convinced himself that whatever he says is…

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