Let Me Help You

the result of a lifetime of self-deception


helpinghandsSOLAR copy I was watching a program about crime in which a guy was featured who makes a living by shoplifting. He takes orders from people of items that they want, steals the items, and then sells the items to those who ordered them at a drastically reduced rate. The twist in all of this is that the shoplifter views all of this as a way of helping others, enabling them to obtain the latest new “thing” which they otherwise could not afford. He actually boasted on camera about how much good he was doing for others! In another program a boss fires a manager in the firm, financially ruining the poor man’s life; later the same boss re-hires the previously fired man and is overheard saying to someone that he fired the guy so that he could later re-hire him and give the guy an experience of hope after…

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