what life is telling us to let go of


In ALS… Lou Gehrig’s Disease … as the disease progresses the person becomes unable to communicate with either his muscles or the world around him, even while still being able to think and know what is going on.  It is as if his body purposefully rejects the outside world.  Living is, at times, a dangerous business and no amount of cajoling, pleading or rejecting will convince it to compromise.  And because of this there are religious traditions which have evolved ascetical practices whose purpose is to free the individual devotee from attachment to this earthly life and its demands upon us.

Faith-Connections-Sadhu-smallerIn India, apparently, there are a lot of babies abandoned soon after birth.  In the film “Faith Connections” a Sadhu (an Indian holy man) is seen caring for a two-year old boy who the Sadhu calls “Babu” and who the Sadhu found when the baby was only a…

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