The Virus That Eats Its Host

Poisoned by a business culture that encourages us to be mindless consumers.


In Ovid’s work “Metamorphoses” we meet the character Narcissus who has never seen his reflection in a mirror.  For us today, surrounded as we are by conveniences (mirrors being one of them) it seems inconceivable that he would have never seen himself in one, but that’s how the story goes.  While in the woods Narcissus comes upon a pool of water, bends down to drink, for the first time sees his face reflected back to him, and he falls violently in love with his image.  He bends to kiss his image and discovers that he cannot “have” this person that he sees.  He becomes so besotted and obsessed with himself that he stops eating and sleeping, and eventually dies.  It is from this character and his characteristics that we get the word “narcissism”, which means: Excessive self-love.  We often think of young people as the ones who have to…

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