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…anything that we want to do is okay so long as we are sincere in our desire to do it?


When I left the monastery almost 14 years ago to serve as a Pastor in a parish, I was astonished to discover the extent to which society had become self-centered. It seems that every advance in electronics and communication has served to foster narcissism in our culture by fostering narcissism in us, the current craze for “selfies” being the most recent example. People on the highway act as if only they have a right to be there. Lord help the cashier who doesn’t move quickly enough to suit the customer! Every year, on that day after Thanksgiving now known as “Black Friday’, people riot, shoot, and stomp on one another in order to be the first to get to the trough of bargains. What has gone wrong?!

narcissus-selfieMy thesis is that when commercial advancements become disconnected from morality those advancements… which could have served to enable humanity to grow spiritually……

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