The Lament of The Penguin

the drive to be like others


I know someone who… as a young teenager, and in the way that only a teen can experience despair… desperately wanted to fit in. One night he did something for the amusement of those whom he hoped would soon be his peers. Gathering in one of their kitchens, he called a take-out place that delivered fried chicken dinners and in a bad imitation Italian he ordered a dozen chicken dinners to be delivered to his downstairs Italian landlord. The teens then sat on the front steps next-door to await the arrival of the entertainment. The van pulled up, out came three men carrying all of the dinners, the landlord came to the front door… and that’s when the shouting began. “I’ma never order!” “Well someone has to pay for them!” “I’ma not wanta!” “We don’t leave until you pay!” The teens on the next-door steps were practically wetting themselves from…

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