Tutu Alice and the Royal Court

“Belonging” is a primal human need


Every Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter when I and my siblings were young Dad would drive 3 hours to Brooklyn to fetch Aunt Alice (Mom’s Aunt, our Great-Aunt), and then 3 more hours to bring her back to us.  No one ate anything until Aunt Alice had arrived and had about half an hour to unwind from the drive.  At those big holiday meals we always had a special treat… V-8 juice!  A big deal for us kids.  After the meal Dad would always conk out on the couch for a nap before driving Aunt Alice back to Brooklyn.  On each of those special days Dad had to drive 12 hours in order for Aunt Alice to be with us so that our family could be complete, which just makes the point of how important family was for us.  Being the oldest of us kids I was the first to…

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