no expectation can open us to experience a new reality


Approximately every other month I make a big batch of my all-time favorite red pasta sauce which requires 1 hour of prep work, 2 hours of simmering and 1 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.  Despite how much I love this sauce, when I tasted a recent batch I thought, slightly mystified, “Well, nothing special.”  Two weeks later I defrosted another container of it and, remembering how disappointed I’d been when I tasted it two weeks earlier, I did not expect much of it…but boy, was I wrong!  It tasted fantastic, although slightly different than usual.  My only conclusion is that the difference in the taste had to do with the specific Cabernet that I had used.  Having the sauce taste differently than I’d expected it to had thrown me for a loop, and this pasta-sauce-experience made me aware that expectations can sometimes interfere with our appreciation of a reality

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