What Do You See?

It all depends upon how we look at it.


True stories. Misfortune seemed to just constantly follow Fred around. After a heavy and prolonged upper New York State blizzard, he went to Lucinda’s house and rang the front doorbell. At that moment all of the snow on the roof above him let go; the avalanche hit him with such force it slammed him flat against the pavement, knocking him unconscious. When Lucinda opened the door all she saw were his two feet sticking out of the pile of snow! And as Lucinda aged she slowly slid into moderate Alzheimer’s. One Sunday as she was driving herself and Fred home from the church, she suddenly pulled over to the side of the road, turned the car off, and then just sat there. Eventually Fred asked, “What are we doing?” Lucinda replied, “I’ve forgotten how to drive.” Fred countered with, “But you were just doing it!” Nonetheless, they sat there for…

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