attending to life’s daily demands no matter what we feel


They had the worst argument of their 5-year relationship: Screaming, yelling, smashing things. When he came home from work the next day she, and all of her things, were gone… simply removed from his life. He drank, and then he drank some more. He smashed whatever had not been obliterated the day before. He fired the shotgun in the house, several times. The police came, wrestled him to the ground and into restraints, and when they asked him why he did it he replied, “It’s better to be infamous than to be invisible.”

The funny thing about pain is that we can’t compare ours to anyone else’s. When it is ours we feel it; when it is someone else’s we can walk away from feeling it. There are times when we can’t figure out our pain, and that lack of understanding makes us feel invisible to ourselves. Some…

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