Secret Clothes

train ourselves to engage the unknown


George said, “Why don’t you ask her?”  Staring at the floor Fred replied, “Because I’m afraid to know the answer.”  And thus began Fred’s running away years, running from what he didn’t want to know.  He deliberately failed to call his doctor back about the results of the test, thinking in his heart that what he didn’t know about didn’t exist.  But what didn’t exist landed him in the emergency room when he couldn’t breathe.  Pinned to the bed by weakness, he heard the doctor say, “… cancer… lungs… too far…”  Laying in bed Fred gasped to the nurse, “I never imagined my life would end like this,” but of course what could she say to that?!

Where we end up is the result of not only where we start but also the sum of the choices that we make along the way, and some of…

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