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We all have keepsakes, items that are the physical incarnation of an event, a memory, a relationship… talismans through which we can remember.  Oddly enough, there are individuals who gather around themselves a disproportionate amount of keepsakes as a way of not remembering: Not remembering a painful event, a horrific relationship, a disappointment; we call these people “hoarders”.  There is a TV series entitled “Hoarders” whose double-episodes usually focus on individuals and their struggle with this illness.  In most of the episodes the individual is convinced that      their way of living “works” for them, despite the evidence of dysfunction in their environment and their relationships.  In some of the episodes the individual sometimes reaches out for help, but more often than not their family steps in demanding change, or the city even threatens change via eviction.

Being dysfunctional manifests itself along a spectrum, of which…

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