THE END (of a chapter)

Well, Dear Readers, it has been a whirlwind of a journey these last six years blogging about my heart’s desire to move to Hawaii !!  At first the Dream pointed me toward Kona on Big Island, hence the blog’s name “Journey2Kona2019“.  I planned to retire at 70 and begin the remainder of my days subsisting on whatever I’d earned through Social Security.  If it meant being frugal, and even eating ramen noodles every day, then I would gladly pay that price to spend my days in beautiful Hawaii !!

As Life would have it, the journey twisted and turned over time, leading me toward Hilo-side instead of Kona.  And my plan to retire in June 2019… Life convinced me to take a huge leap of faith and move 18 months sooner than planned, just after turning 69!  Let’s face it… when Hawaii calls you to come home, you don’t say “Wait a minute… not now!”  The cords of Hawaii’s Heart YANKED me over to Hilo on February 1st, after learning on my birthday, January 12th, that I was selected for the senior retirement community where I now live!!  Words cannot express the love and care I have felt from all of you in helping to make this possible!

Officially retiring on January 31st, I left Savannah, Georgia and began my Hawaiian life on February 1st, 2018!  I’m taking much needed time to breathe the Tradewinds, get wet in the rain walking to Hilo Town for Farmers’ Market, and walk each morning at dawn to greet the sun and tiger-doves!  In the last six months I’ve seen and felt Pele’s immense power in reshaping Big Island from May through August, and wondered if Hurricane Lane would ever STOP drowning us with 52 inches of torrential downpour!

My greatest joy is to create new artwork nearly every day, on my own timeframe and with no schedule!  Hours of joy each day in my beautiful senior housing apartment… it’s sinfully indulgent and I have no intention of stopping for the rest of my life!!  Hawaii is truly heaven for me and it seems almost miraculous that my long-sought Dream manifested so perfectly!  Everything has fallen into place, and I don’t have to eat ramen noodles either!!

Mohouli 201810

All that said, and with the countless artwork waiting to pour forth from me (as it already has… see my art website), this blog has more than served its purpose and this chapter must finally close.  All my efforts from this point forward need to be on showing Hawaii how grateful I am, by surging forth with creativity and beautiful expressions of how overflowing with joy my heart is here!!  So my artwork will, in a sense, be my future “blogging”.  Everything will be posted out to Facebook, and my art website will continue growing.  Everything in this blog will remain accessible on WordPress for as long as they are in business, as newcomers stumble across its’ 596 previous posts and past readers sift through them in search of their own answers to Life’s questions.

I’m eternally grateful for the feedback, comments and support I’ve received over the years.  I really had NO desire to be a blogger but I was told to “tell Hawaii how your heart feels, and Hawaii will pull you back home”… I’ve found that to be incredibly true, mysterious as it may sound.  So please keep an eye out for my future artwork posts on Facebook, as I gently, gratefully and humbly hold Hawaii dearly in my heart, for the rest of my life!Kahu Kimo

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