The Silence of Our Friends

He Who Casts the First Stone…


Currently there is a lot of public discussion about developing tolerance of others, of their different traditions, religious affiliation, skin color, sexual orientation or culinary customs, and that is a good place to begin.  Diamond Head - Collage Series 2012smallerBut tolerance is a poor substitute for acceptance!  Tolerance implies that we are simply putting up with something.  Acceptance, on the other hand, implies encouragement of another.  But do we even care enough about others to encourage them?  I suspect that acceptance of others is somewhat dependent upon how we view them in relationship to ourselves.  If we mutter within ourselves “At least I look better”, “I’m not as dumb as they are”, “I would never choose that!”… then we hold ourselves in a position superior to the other.  Such a stance makes acceptance very difficult, if not impossible!

I came across a quote by Martin Luther King…

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Duane’s Ono-Char Burgers!

Hamburgers and REPENTANCE…. Hmmmm….



Before my 2007 Kauai trip I read a review of a hamburger place called Duane’s Ono-Char burger which made me really want to find it.  So on one of the days when I decided to drive all the way around the island I kept an eye out for it.  Somehow I could not find it!  I knew I was in the right vicinity but no Duane’s Ono-Char!  So I pulled off of the highway and took a winding road down towards the sea which eventually ended among some homes and a little beach park.  As I sat there for a minute trying to decide whether or not abandon my search for the elusive Duane’s burger, a young guy came out from behind one of the homes and headed towards the park.  From the car I called out, “Can you tell me where Duane’s Ono-Char burger is?”  I swear…

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Stolen Dreams and Lost Souls

Great Message! Great Artwork!


I know that there is crime everywhere but I suppose a secret part of my heart hoped that it would not be in Hawaiʻi.  Apparently it is.  In the Star-Advertiser I read that in a Hawaiʻi Island park vandals poured super-glue into gate locks, poured concrete down toilets near the beach pavilions and broke off sprinkler heads along the walking track.  Clearly these are the expressions of souls that are lost and floundering… expressions of hearts not accountable for their actions!  It is easy for us to condemn such blatant acts of irresponsibility but are we so different?


Just as the vandals prevented the locks from ever being opened again, some of us prevent healing for others by repeatedly bringing up a past hurt… a sort of vandalism of the heart.  Just as the vandals disregarded society’s need for the use of those toilets, some of us…

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REAL Eggs Benedict!




I love Eggs Benedict!  Anywhere I go if Eggs Benedict is on the menu I will order it!  The problem often is that many places don’t make authentic Eggs Benedict.  Instead of making the hollandaise from egg yolks, butter, dried mustard, and fresh lemon juice, they make it from a powdered mix.  Anyone who loves Eggs Benedict knows this deception the instant the sauce is on the tongue… too thin, too bland… a hollandaise that is not itself!

So on one trip from Kona to the City of Refuge I stopped for breakfast at a small place which was literally clinging to the side of a hill called The Coffee Shack.  Without a doubt and with no equivocation I can say that the Coffee Shack serves the best Eggs Benedict in all of Hawaiʻi… well, at least the places in Hawaiʻi that I have been to!  When…

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A Haole Comes Home

What is a “Haole” ?? What is “Aloha” ?


AMC at night!

On my first trip to Hawaiʻi in June of 2004 I kept hearing about the Ala Moana Shopping Center and how I just had to go there!  At the time I was staying with my brother Dan in his apartment just up the block so it was an easy walk.  After walking around the Center for about an hour I was a bit bewildered why people thought this was somewhere I needed to visit, as if there was something uniquely Hawaiian about the place which I could experience nowhere else.  Yes, there was a hula demonstration on the Center’s stage and one or two small shops selling Hawaiian items but other than that it was just another “Temple of Consumerism” I could find anywhere on the Mainland!  The experience made me wonder to what extent Hawaiian culture in the Islands is slowly being subsumed into Western culture

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When Love Stops Being Easy

Worth considering at this time of year…


city sidewalks is my internet home page back here in Rincon, Georgia.  In the past few months there have been many news articles about the “sweeps” forcing the homeless to pack up and move on.  The problem is that they live on an island… where are they to move to?  Into the water?  It strikes me there’s a public attitude of “not in my neighborhood” from the rest of the public regarding their homeless sisters and brothers.  In the Islands one finds many denominations of Christianity.  Can people really consider themselves Christian and not care about the welfare of others?  Especially when they annoy us!  What attitude could be more un-Christian or un-Hawaiian?!

How we view someone affects what we see about them.  Through many bad choices the Hawaiian homeless live as they do and have become an annoyance to the general public.  Because we think of them…

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Being Found Desirable

What others think of you is none of your business !!

Journey2Kona2019 215-1543_IMGTwo weeks ago I had surgery on my left foot extensive enough to require my going under anesthesia.  That experience left me with a before moment when I transferred from the gurney and onto the operating table.  Then there is an after moment when I awoke in the recovery room and was staring down at my heavily bandaged left foot which looked like some kind of lumpy western foot-binding!  The thing that stands out to me is that there was no during, no present for me in the surgery which I only know about by its absence from my awareness!  I wonder how many moments in our life are like that absent moment during my surgery, moments to which we are not consciously there?

Strangely this experience has provoked me to thinking more about my relationship with the Divine, specifically whether or not I am present in that…

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