The Desire to Hide

“… to face our fear by degrees.”


All of us at some time in our younger lives have heard a parent yell,  “You’re being punished!  Go to your room!”  It seems to be universal that transgressions carry within them the threat of punishment.  Wikipedia describes Old Hawaii’s Code of Conduct as, “An offense that was kapu was often a corporal offense, but also often denoted a threat to spiritual power, or theft of mana.”  KAPU signViolations of the Kapu System could result in something a bit more severe than just being sent to one’s room! Quite often death was the fruit of transgression!  The natural fear of punishment often causes people to do things in secretThe problem with indulging in secrecy is that it teaches us to hide ourselves away from being known by others.  Secrecy indulged in often enough can harm us in that it teaches us to hide, teaches us to…

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Never Finding Enough

The Spiritual Journey


Red ShiftsmallerI became professionally involved in artwork on January 29th of 1989 when an editor-friend requested some artwork to go with an article that I had written for the American Hemerocallis Society.  One thing has lead to another over the years and I have found the development of my artwork dovetailing with the development of my spiritual growth!

Holly_Sierra-Harvest_Goddess2-258x327During my life thus far I have been blessed to  know many artists: Darrell Hill, Holly Sierra, Maurice Sendak, Brother Thomas Bezanson, Katheryn Carrington, Gregory Norbet and others who all have been possessed by the desire to see what’s next in the journey of their work.  At the core of an artist’s life is the desire to keep seeing things anew, to begin again, to reach out into the unknown and pull the present into it.  Not surprisingly, the willingness to always start over is an

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Our Own Desires Make it Difficult

who will change the course of our life?


Judy-Garland-A-Star-is-Born-Posters(1)I recently came across a quote by Judy Garland, “For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.  It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”  This speaks of a deep connection being made between two people.  A difficulty in relationships is that we sometimes come to them with immature expectations.  In the deepest, most secret part of our heart many of us dream of meeting that one person who will change the course of our life!  Maybe a lover, an idol, a teacher, a guide, a friend or the person with whom it feels safe to reveal our secret fears, our thoughts, the desires of our heart and our dreams.

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEHowever much we are immature is the degree to which we will project all of this onto someone when we meet them!  We become infatuated with someone because we become…

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Are Their Needs Being Met?

“We did what we had to do…”


On each of my trips to Hawaii I have noticed the homeless.  On some areas of beach there are enough tents to qualify as a colony complete with keiki running around playing!  Countless times I have wondered about the life being lived within those tents!  NYTIMES-hawaiihomelesstentsOn television interviews they frequently say they are living day-to-day which doesn’t give anyone energy to think in terms of a future!  Trying to eat and have a safe place to stay at night is reinventing the wheel each day!  I suspect the allure for the homeless living on the beach is the sheer simplicity of no rent, no electric bill and those living there watching out for one another.  The crucial part of the wheel needing daily reinvention is obtaining food.

IHAhomelesswithchildrenThat might be fine or perhaps even idyllic for adults but what about the needs that are a part of

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When OWL Appears

Nadine puts SO much effort into producing a beautiful and deeply informative post! WELL WORTH your reading!

Aligning With Truth

The Universe is always sending us messages. Always.

The messages take many forms — a book, a conversation, a song, a film, an encounter, trees, plants and flowers, insects and animals.

The signs are all over and everywhere.  All we need to do is pay attention and use the opportunity to hear the message.

I’m a huge fan of Ted Andrews, international metaphysical author and teacher.  Through his books and writing, I’m able to see the hidden messages from nature and animals when they appear in my life — in actuality, dreams, or photos and images, as is the case with OWL this month.

On January 9, photonatureblog, a Nature and Outdoor Photography by Jeffrey Foltice followed my site. It’s an incredible site and a feast for the soul! Do check it out here.

When I visited his site, his most recent post was an image of Snowy Owl.

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Unwanted Relationships With Others

“Taking a chance on living means…”


mahatma-gandhi-1I came across the following quote by Mahatma Gandhi which has had me thinking: “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”  The Divine is always trying to feed us but we sometimes limit what we will take in.  Sometimes we pray and beg for spiritual visions and understanding but mistakenly assume they will only come during meditations, silence and fasting!  While these things can be helpful the fact is the Divine is speaking to us all during our ordinary day… but under Its own terms and not ours!

being-saved-iconThis reminds me of the man trapped on the roof of his house by floodwaters.  He yells out to God, “Help me!”  A man in a rowboat offers to save him but he says, “God will save me.”  A helicopter overhead lowers a rescue basket but the…

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My Deepest Secret Fears

So how can we “see” what we don’t see?


Hula Kahiko“It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.”  For some reason this quote of Helen Keller’s recently brought back to me memories of a blind childhood friend named Tommy.  He lived down the block from me and had a 2-person bicycle which I thought was the coolest thing in the world!  We would sometimes ride around the neighborhood and one day I was describing something to Tommy which I told him was red.  He became a bit testy with me and replied, “That doesn’t help me to ‘see’ it!  I have never seen color so I have no idea what ‘red’ is!”

Since that childhood day I have often reflected upon sight, seeing and vision.  BLOG TEXT-GRAPHICS YDK-WYDKBeing an artist one of my deepest secret fears is that of going blind and of not being able to wallow in color!  Ms Keller’s quote goes much deeper

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