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For 23 years I was a Monk of New Skete, the monastery being on the outskirts of Cambridge, New York, right across the border from Bennington, Vermont.  We frequently had visitors from Russia who were passing through the area.  One … Continue reading

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WHY ME?!!!

We all know not to get into Xavier’s way when his desires have been thwarted.  I once watched him trying to open a kitchen drawer that had become stuck, most likely from a utensil in the drawer that had moved … Continue reading

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Sartorial Ruminations

When I tell people that I really love the show “Project Runway” they often look at me as if I have just revealed that I eat stray cats!  “But you’re a monk!” is what the wide-eyed individual usually blurts out!  … Continue reading

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But I Didn’t Mean it!

Well, the big news is that Savannah finally walked out of Hannah’s life.  While none of us were present for that final moment before the door slammed shut behind Savannah, in our minds we could all hear Hannah’s characteristic wail: … Continue reading

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Lucy never thought of herself as lacking something.  She was smart, she was in her early twenties, she was in good health and she had a small studio apartment right in the downtown area in which she had wanted to … Continue reading

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Herein Be Dragons

What is it with women who get hooked up with men who are in prison and then marry them?  Do they really think that they can “save” these guys and/or reform them?  Is what they find attractive the men themselves … Continue reading

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In the series “Downton Abbey” the viewer is lead to a scene where the preparations for a big and important meal have been finished.  Cora, the current Lady Grantham, escorts the Dowager Lady Grantham to the doorway of the dining … Continue reading

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