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Now What?

Ever since Effie had suffered the miscarriage she had felt lost; or rather, her life had felt lost to her, as if it had washed out of her along with her baby.  Even Spring’s arrival, which usually filled her with … Continue reading

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Lucy never thought of herself as lacking something.  She was smart, she was in her early twenties, she was in good health and she had a small studio apartment right in the downtown area in which she had wanted to … Continue reading

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Reach Out And Risk

Being a minister I have witnessed some remarkable graveside expressions of grief.  One woman stood there screaming obscenities at her husband’s coffin down in the hole!  Another woman threw herself down into the hole necessitating the assistance of four big … Continue reading

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Life Is Not A Prison Sentence!

It seems normal to me that we all gather items around us which are familiar, that give us comfort or that inspire.  Just look at the homeless who have shopping carts crammed to overflowing with possessions!  So what happens when … Continue reading

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The Day After

Yesterday Maurice (Sendak) passed over into the non-physical aspect of Life where he no longer needs an address or telephone number.  And here I sit on my side of the Divide with its door yet to open, in my mind … Continue reading

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