Life, however, demands a certain amount of multi-tasking of us.


The caption of another cartoon on my bulletin board: “The Crime, to the Best of Tiger’s Recollection.”  What the cartoon shows is a brightly lit Tiger the cat in the foreground staring, with myopic intensity, at his bowl and an opened can of cat-food up on the counter.  What Tiger is oblivious to is what the viewer sees in the background shadows: Tiger’s old lady owner tied to a chair, with a gag in her mouth, while two hooded thieves are going out the door with her television.

There is a bit of Tiger in us all, with areas in our lives of which we are blissfully ignorant.  Sometimes we focus on one area of our life to such an extent that other areas move into a background of shadowy unconsciousness; at such times, our life can become unbalanced.  Some tasks in life do require our complete attention, but what…

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