Almost Anything Can Happen

the need to break out of regularity


I recently read about a man who had been incarcerated for 39 years for a crime he repeatedly denied having committed. After 39 years someone came forward and admitted that he had lied at the trial and that the convicted man had never done the deed. Therefore, the court vacated the conviction. After 39 years the front door of the prison opened and out walked the wrongly convicted man. A heart-warming scene, right? Not necessarily. While watching the film “Hard Time” one of the prisoners makes the observation: “Inmates don’t like change because then there’s nothing stable to hang onto. When a schedule is thrown off, the inmate is lost and doesn’t know what to do.” So for 39 years the now-freed prisoner had been told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it; as the front door opened he walked out into a completely unscheduled…

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