Mauna Ala and my Heart’s Deepest Desire

Having secretly toyed with evil, we give birth to evil.


[ Editor’s Note: haven’t been posting since January 2014… taking time for reflection and building a new list of topics for future posts.  This one needed to be posted now, and is a sample of what’s to come when regular posting resumes again sometime later this year.  Your comments are greatly appreciated!]

I was horrified recently to learn of the death by hypothermia of a little 22 month-old boy by the name of Cooper who was left all day in a scorching hot SUV by his Marietta, Georgia father. What has horrified me is that there is now some evidence coming to the fore that the father, wanting to live a child-free life, perhaps did this intentionally. Some crimes are unimaginable until they actually happen. So why do they happen? They happen because we ponder the doing of them deep within our hearts, often thinking there’s no harm…

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