we repeatedly indulge in habits that makes us their first victim


While surfing television channels I came upon a program entitled “Bridezillas”.  The focus of the show is about how the stress of preparing for a wedding can cause some brides to come unhinged.  There was the bride who had originally ordered white flowers, changed her mind to red roses without notifying the florist, and went into such a rage when the florist brought white flowers that she actually shredded the bouquets and demanded red roses that she would not pay for.  Other brides are shown stomping on cell-phones, smashing wedding cakes, belittling bridesmaids and family members.  What is common to all of the Bridezillas is that they readily reach for anger when their desires are thwarted, an anger that almost immediately escalates into an uncontrolled rage whose only purpose is to destroy.

There is a school of thought in psyco-therapy that posits that expressing anger and rage is helpful and…

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