Is There An Award For That?

the hyper-emphasis on self-esteem was born


The whole kindergarten class files into the auditorium for their graduation; in just moments they will cross the border between babyhood and the first grade! They are excited to be almost all grown up! And then they, and their family and friends, have to sit through a two-hour ceremony during which each child receives awards for every conceivable supposed accomplishment. And I think to myself: This is insane. We’re giving them awards just for breathing! I place the blame for all of this idiocy on my generation, the Baby-Boomers. We were raised by a generation that did not hesitate to smack us on the butt, to bark at us to stand up straight, that demanded that we say “please” and “thank you”. So after our hippie revolution, as we created kids, we stated that being corrected when we were kids made us feel bad about ourselves, and thus…

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