“…an ongoing struggle to see reality and to comply with it.”


About 36 years ago a friend told me that she knew someone that I just had to meet.  When I asked her “why” she said to just trust her as she dialed up the friend and arranged for us to drop by.  The friend was a woman who lived off by herself in the woods, raised Araucana chickens and was a person who my friend considered to be humble.  We stopped by, visited, and as we went to leave my friend took me by the hand saying “There’s something you need to see”, and lead me to the barn behind the house.

She shoved the massive door aside, and I almost passed out: From front to back, to a depth of around 6 feet, were empty one-gallon Cabernet Sauvignon jugs.  The light went on in my head and I said to her, “This is really the reason why you wanted…

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