our desire to change is limited only by our lack of awareness


As a Spiritual Counselor people sometimes come to me and ask that I assess where they are on their spiritual journey.  There was the woman who, after some discussion, stated that she was having an affair with her next-door neighbor while her Army husband was deployed oversees.  When I asked, “Do you plan on continuing this affair?” she replied, “Why not… it feels SO GOOD!”  There was a parishioner from long ago who, once the grace had been said over the food at the Sunday parish meal, always… always!… rushed to be the first at the food, so much so that other parishioners knew to wait until she had charged ahead.  And finally, there was the woman who admitted to stealing.  “Not big, expensive things,” she explained, “Just little things.”  When I asked, “Why?” she replied, “Because I want them.”  Well, of course: If I want it, why not?!

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