Being Willing To Go With The Flow

“…our willingness to embrace steps…”


ending-relationshipsI met for coffee with Jacob whose long-term relationship had just suddenly ended.  Trying to bolster Jacob’s feelings I jovially offered, “So, now you’re free!  Jacob looked up from his coffee and morosely replied, “No, I’m not.  What I am is lost.  Then I asked, “Were you ever happy in the relationship?”  Jacob took a moment to think and then replied, “I was but then the happiness changed somehow.”  Happiness and relationships have a way of morphing!  What used to make us happy now leaves us empty and what once satisfied us now doesn’t!  What is going on?

thomas-hardy-quote-time-changes-everything smallerWe are insisting that happiness comes in only ONE model sort of like a toddler insisting since he loves peas he will always love peas!  Well Life often doesn’t work that way!  Things change and we need to learn to love the changing!

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